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The Scottish Pool Association » General » Super 11s
Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
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  Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: BigBullitt, 20-02-2018 05:20 PM (#81)

MJ Hire wrote:
sarry wrote:
correct decision has been made but going forward surely limiting a playoff team to the same size of squad as a team that is already entered in the main event seems a bit unfair a playoff team has to declare its squad 6/7/8 weeks before the main event and be available for 2 w/ends but a team already in the event possibly 1 week before and we are talking about the bottom tier in team pool seems unfair on a playoff team IMOSmile
well all the other teams in the playoff would have managed it so don’t give us that dribble

I agree fully with you, Sarry. I also see this as unfair on all the teams at the qualifiers and can only hope the exec will look closely at how they wish to address this. They could ask for all teams to submit their squads before the qualifiers, irrespective of whether playing in the qualifiers or the event itself at pettycur bay. This would ensure ALL teams have exactly the same restrictions prior to the Supers.
With regards the comment from William that all other teams would have managed it, this is purely supposition from yourself. With the historical evidence regarding this matter I think it is clear many teams have struggled in the past to field solely 15 individuals in their squads. So as such to make an assumption regarding the other 25 teams at the qualifiers being able to field solely 15 individuals over these 2 weekends in question may prove extremely difficult to believe.
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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: trigger, 20-02-2018 06:10 PM (#82)

well done cumbernauld , you got away with 1 there clap
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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: pedro, 20-02-2018 06:31 PM (#83)

MJ Hire wrote:
sarry wrote:
pedro wrote:

if you can hang about tad longer at the next seniors event al explain it tae yeSmile
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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: Miamivice, 22-02-2018 10:02 PM (#84)

Just a quick one if the event hasn't started at the playoffs and you can change your full team for the event then the players that played at the play off and got put out will be able to represent there areas other teams at the proper event?
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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: FlyingScotsman, 23-02-2018 08:00 AM (#85)

You know the answer to that and its no , because the event has started at that stage.

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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: Miamivice, 23-02-2018 12:10 PM (#86)

I do know that Ross but surely it's double standards to let a full team change because they are saying the event hasn't started so if the event hasn't started then players haven't played in it.
Hang stevie brown!!

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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: FlyingScotsman, 23-02-2018 12:29 PM (#87)

We know this son and again I have to take some of the flack for this happening, I should have been checking if this had happened before and it has done, so because of that reason, it has been agreed that this time no action can be taken against the team.

The SPA EXec are going over all the rules along with the TC and these will be posted on here before the Super 15s.

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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: Miamivice, 23-02-2018 12:38 PM (#88)

Cheers Ross by the way it doesn't affect me as I'm not playing supers for this event was just pointing out that there is a flaw there.we are playing 5 man instead this year will have money transferred next week to you.
Hang stevie brown!!

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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: Sting, 01-06-2018 08:25 AM (#89)

Was a final ruling brought in to cover this situation? If so what was the ruling brought in.
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RE: Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation
by: AllanONeil, 03-10-2018 02:11 PM (#90)

I didn't want to start a new thread so thought I would continue with this one.

From what I have read in this post, there doesn't seem to be a final decision and still grey areas which I wanted complete clarity on this before a ball is hit at the next qualifier for the 15's this weekend.

Was there an official ruling put in place for both Super 11's and Super 15's events that clearly states what is and what is not allowed in regards to player changes from qualifier to actual event?

By no means am I implying that Cumbernauld B are intending to change their players significantly nor do I believe that any other team in the qualifying event to the actual event at Pettycur Bay to change their players significantly if they were successful in qualifying however, unforeseen circumstances do arise and then requisite changes will have to be made so ensure their place at the event is protected.

If the whole event starts at the qualifier stage then why are teams who are already in that division allowed right up to the event to make changes to their squad albeit not actually competed as of yet?

I think this makes it totally unfair and mere impossible for any team that are trying to qualify actually make it into the division.

What I understand is:
Super 11’s event = Max 15 players
Super 15’s event = Max 18 players

The above is the rules to squad size and these are being enforced onto the qualifying event. Although the 15’s have 1 less “reserve”, there is more scope of players possibility of dropping out for various unforeseen circumstances.

Surely there must be a precedence set if this is the ruling we are going by. Set the precedence where by ALL teams currently in the division have to submit their squad at the deadline set for the teams that need to qualify. This makes it an even playing field and I can absolutely guarantee that there will be an up-roar on how this is un-acceptable and impossible to achieve and possibly as a result, losing teams.

Or set a maximum number of allowed changes which can be class as a “qualifying rule only”. This rule would allow teams to make the necessary changes to their team in the event of players who played in the qualifying event but can no longer make the actual event. The number of changes will need to be proposed, seconded and voted on by the SPA members at one of the bi-monthly meetings or at the AGM if need be.

I am not trying to cause unrest but seeking transparency in the calm before the storm so that we know what to do if such a situation were to arise (again).

I hope the Exec can respond to this so we can ensure no rules are broken or bent at any future events.


Super 15's 2nd Division Champions - 2018
Edited by AllanONeil 03-10-2018 02:15 PM
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Bash sent you a pm

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