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Proposed IM changes
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  Proposed IM changes
by: Sting, 09-07-2018 01:42 PM (#1)

I think this deserves its own head as it needs to be right, there is also alot of valid points on it.

Right had a really good look at all this and believe totally that the IMs must change but I also think that we have to inform our members of this change by giving them another year based on the system we have at present.

The reason is simple , the more I think about it the more I think that players who get into the top 64 believe they would be seeded next year and so they should.

Do my proposal to you both is this, we change what we can to make the events better but keep the 256 there this year but inform ALL that in 2020 we will be going down to one venue with 128 players with the top 16 seeded, these players pay 125 pounds entry fee, as itís fairer that way.

So here are my thoughts on the changes we can make to 2019 , starting with the number of clubs we use, only two but each club has to have at least 12 tables, times I have checked and they work out fine.

Next cloths in tables have to be the same .

Next only four IM events a year, no this or that , if you win money or not.

Two in the early part of the year and two in the later part of the year.

Bring in one or even both the seniors and masters Scottish early, so that gives us more dates later in year for IMs.

Next no shows, players have to inform the SPA or their rep at least 24 hours before otherwise they get a yellow card, they do not get one if they inform us but if not then if it happens again , then they miss out on the rest of the IMs that year or the first one the following year, if itís the last one that year.

Next only clubs with great wfi get the IMs.

The four clubs I have in mind are Styx Players lounge TJs and Pockets Dalkeith.

Each of these venues gets used for two IMs and one each for the final.

Next frames go up from the last 16 stage, along with changing the rankings to give points to players from earlier in the draw.

These are my ideas can u come back with your thoughts please.
Triumphant Return
General Member

Posts: 1492
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: Falkirk

RE: Proposed IM changes
by: Sting, 09-07-2018 01:56 PM (#2)

1. I believe notice has to be given to everyone when changing the format particularly the top 64. This imo doesn't work and should have been a 32 anyway but adequate notice is required.

2. 4 IMs 2 early 2 late is perfect no one wants them June-August.

3. WiFi is a.must we must be showcasing these events to make them great again.

4. Don't agree with seeding the top 16 into later rounds if this is that is being suggested round 1 is plenty.

5. The rankings are so much fairer now.but we need to start the points further back to split everyone after 200. I suggest.
Lqualifier - 1pt
L256/128(2020) - 3pts
L128/64 - 5pts
L64/32 - 8pts
L32/16 - 12pts
L16/8 - 17pts
L8/4 - 23pts
L4/2 - 30pts
L2/winner - 40pts
Winner - 50pts

The reason for the increases each round is to reward players for going deep in the competition's, we cannot go back to rewarding guys simply by them getting to the event therefore someone qualifying for them all gets 12pts whereas if someone goes to l32 or better in one they get the same or more.

Agree cloths should be the same.
Triumphant Return
Edited by Sting 09-07-2018 01:57 PM
General Member

Posts: 1492
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: Falkirk

RE: Proposed IM changes
by: MJ Hire, 09-07-2018 02:35 PM (#3)

Why donít you just start your own tour helpless
MJ Hire
General Member

Posts: 314
Joined: 01.09.10
Location: carnbroe
Age: 45

RE: Proposed IM changes
by: Sting, 09-07-2018 04:24 PM (#4)

MJ Hire wrote:
Why donít you just start your own tour helpless

You play on one of mines ya clown lol.

Ross asked for opinions, my opinion is the rankings now are the best we've ever had as it rewards play at the actual event so negates the whole weak area thing. I would only make slight changes to them to separate the rest of the players.
Triumphant Return
General Member

Posts: 1492
Joined: 15.01.08
Location: Falkirk

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