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Supers Qualifying - Squad Size
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  Supers Qualifying - Squad Size
by: AllanONeil, 04-10-2018 04:12 PM (#1)

I have posted a comment yesterday on the "Cumbernauld Super 11b team situation" thread however, even with over 200 views of the thread since I posted the comment, not a single reply from anyone.

So here it is again and hopefully someone might be able to shed some light on this.

There doesn't seem to be a final decision on teams playing at the event and qualifying and subsequently making changes to that team that plays at Pettycur Bay. There are still grey areas which I wanted complete clarity on this before a ball is hit at the next qualifier for the 15's this weekend.

Was there an official ruling put in place for both Super 11's and Super 15's events that clearly states what is and what is not allowed in regards to player changes from qualifier to actual event?

By no means am I implying that Cumbernauld B are intending to change their players significantly nor do I believe that any other team in the qualifying event to change their players significantly to the actual event at Pettycur Bay if they were successful however, unforeseen circumstances do arise and then requisite changes are mandatory to ensure their place at the event is protected.

If the whole event starts at the qualifier stage then why are teams who are already in that division allowed right up to the event to make changes to their squad albeit not actually competed as of yet? I.E Hit a ball.

I think this makes it totally unfair and mere impossible for any team that are trying to qualify actually make it into the division.

What I understand is:
Super 11’s event = Max 15 players
Super 15’s event = Max 18 players

The above are the rules to squad size and these are being enforced onto the qualifying event. Although the 15’s have 1 less “reserve”, there is more scope of players possibility of dropping out for various unforeseen circumstances.

Surely there must be a precedence set if this is the ruling we are going by. Set the precedence where by ALL teams currently in the division have to submit their squad at the deadline set for the teams that need to qualify. This makes it an even playing field and I can absolutely guarantee that there will be an up-roar on how this is un-acceptable and impossible to achieve and possibly as a result, losing teams.

Or set a maximum number of allowed changes which can be class as a “qualifying rule only”. This rule would allow teams to make the necessary changes to their team in the event of players who played in the qualifying event but can no longer make the actual event. The number of changes will need to be proposed, seconded and voted on by the SPA members at one of the bi-monthly meetings or at the AGM if need be.

I am not trying to cause unrest but seeking transparency in the calm before the storm so that we know what to do if such a situation were to arise (again).

I hope the Exec can respond to this so we can ensure no rules are broken or bent at any future events.


Super 15's 2nd Division Champions - 2018
Edited by AllanONeil 04-10-2018 04:13 PM
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RE: Supers Qualifying - Squad Size
by: FCBash, 05-10-2018 07:29 PM (#2)


In short this has not been resolved completely. We have had discussions at Exec level regarding this but we still do not have a final proposal.

In the interim, we have agreed that we will monitor squads and changes to those squads from playoffs to weekend events. We understand the constraints of trying to pick a squad for the playoffs and that some players have to change for unseen circumstances.

That said, we do note that any team that qualifies should understand that changes to their squads cannot and will not be wholesale. As a guide, I'd suggest no more than four changes to squad personnel could be acceptable, any more than this, then it may become a concern.

SPA IM Secretary
Arbroath & District Match Secretary
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RE: Supers Qualifying - Squad Size
by: AllanONeil, 06-10-2018 12:43 AM (#3)

I appreciate the reply Michael, this does clear things up a little bit knowing it’s on the Execs radar and also good to know there hasn’t been a final decision on the matter and I haven’t missed the comms on it.

Again, Cumbernauld have no intentions of making significant changes to their squad or do I believe other team will should they be lucky enough to qualify but if the situation arose and changes needed to be made, I wanted to know what the “rule” was on this as I know it was a hot topic from the 11’s qualifier.

Thanks again Michael, top job as always mate.

P.s. I’m not involved with the B-Team selection or playing in the event. I’m just asking the questions for my area Grin

Super 15's 2nd Division Champions - 2018
Edited by AllanONeil 06-10-2018 12:54 AM
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RE: Supers Qualifying - Squad Size
by: sweadie, 06-10-2018 05:51 PM (#4)

Is there a dress code at the qualifiers on sunday

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RE: Supers Qualifying - Squad Size
by: secretary, 06-10-2018 10:32 PM (#5)

sweadie wrote:
Is there a dress code at the qualifiers on sunday

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