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2019 S11s Playoff Draws
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  2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: Dougied1982, 18-01-2019 12:55 PM (#81)

Please add Chris Rankin
General Member

Posts: 18
Joined: 17.10.18

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: secretary, 18-01-2019 01:33 PM (#82)

Dougied1982 wrote:
Please add Chris Rankin

Is that to every team?
General Member

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Location: Scotland

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: Dougied1982, 18-01-2019 02:09 PM (#83)

Sorry Michael Aberdeen c team
General Member

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Joined: 17.10.18

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: Dougied1982, 18-01-2019 02:13 PM (#84)

Please change Captain of Aberdeen D team to Keith Milne as I may not make it on the day, I have emailed also thanks.
General Member

Posts: 18
Joined: 17.10.18

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: TNT, 18-01-2019 06:59 PM (#85)

Updated Dundee teams

」2040 transferred to SPA Events Account for Dundee A, B and C teams.
Breakdown of teams is as follows:

Dundee A

John McHugh
Dave McLaren
Ryan Fleming
Marc Fleming
Dean Anderson
Gary McLeish
Danny Elder
Bryan Cumming
Nick Denson
Josh Brannan
Dylan Gray

」10 registrations for Anderson and Denson
」655 total
Dundee B

Andy Wares
Craig Sandford
Dean McIntosh
Ryan Morrison
Luke Taylor
Logan Hunt
Frank Falconer
Stephen Anderson
Andy Smith
Bret Morris
Scott Coventry

」30 registrations for Wares, McIntosh, Morrison, Taylor, Falconer, Anderson, Smith
Dundee C

Steve Gray
Dean Pollock
James Allan
Paul Gordon
Andy Mitchell
Eddie Hunt Jnr
Ritchie Grubb
Mark Robbie
George Shields Jnr
Rosco Duncan
Lee Maroney
Richard Crawford

」20 registrations for Pollock, Gordon, Hunt Jnr, Maroney
Div 1 Super 11s Champions 2017 - Dundee A
Div 3 Super 11s Champions 2018 - Dundee B

Dave McLaren
SPA Referee
User Avatar
General Member

Posts: 934
Joined: 14.01.08
Location: Dundee
Age: 49

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: ralphmercer, 18-01-2019 07:36 PM (#86)

Dingwall A Team

Richie Ansell (Cpt)
Andrew Munro
George Urquhart
David MacDougall
Sean Hepburn
Martin Shaw
Brian Phillips
Joe Howie
Daniel Mackay
Jamie Millar
Brian Cameron
Michael Hillan
General Member

Posts: 10
Joined: 13.05.15
Location: Highlands
Age: 42

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: BrianA, 19-01-2019 05:38 PM (#87)

Borders A Team

Craig Reid
Brian Allan
Steven Bell
Kevin Cooper
Kieran Riddell
Erin Coltman
David Brydon
Kevin Swinton
Steve Thomson
Stu Harkness
Mark McIntee
Alan Marshall
Borders Pool League spa rep
General Member

Posts: 20
Joined: 21.01.10
Location: borders

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: andyL, 19-01-2019 10:14 PM (#88)

Dumfries B

Andy lammie
Mark donnan
Peter Scott
Andrew lammie
Axl Menlove
Alan Bell
Sean Rutherford
Stevie Stores
Neil Cochrane
Peter prange
Dan wylie
Edited by andyL 19-01-2019 10:15 PM

Posts: 40
Joined: 03.02.08
Location: dumfries

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: Stoo Warren, 20-01-2019 09:21 AM (#89)

Super 11's Play-off Styx Stream


Edited by Stoo Warren 20-01-2019 09:45 AM
User Avatar
Stoo Warren
General Member

Posts: 2
Joined: 30.01.13
Location: Kennoway
Age: 49

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: DJW, 20-01-2019 07:48 PM (#90)

Ayr and District A

Derek Wilson - Capt
Tam O'Ware - Vice Capt
Layton Hodge
David Ross - SPA IM
Chris Thomson
Michael Harvey
Chris McNally
Lewis Kerr
Lewis Gibson
Alan Simpson
James McNamee
Richard Thomson

Entry Fees and SPA affiliation fees were paid last week I understand.
Edited by DJW 20-01-2019 07:51 PM
General Member

Posts: 16
Joined: 03.09.17
Location: Ayr and District
Age: 45

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: WHOOSH, 04-02-2019 12:02 PM (#91)

East Kilbride D Team

Alan Agnew
Ramsay Buchanan
Stevie Buchanan
Jason Campbell
John Corbrick
Stuart Finlay
Alex Hepburn
Chris McGregor
Lindsay Robertson
Brian Smith
Chris Sproat
Paul Watt

John Corbrick
East Kilbride D Team - Captain
Edited by WHOOSH 1 week ago 07:12 AM
General Member

Posts: 10
Joined: 02.12.16
Location: East Kilbride
Age: 49

RE: 2019 S11s Playoff Draws
by: bunkle, 1 week ago 12:47 PM (#92)

Kilmarnock C

Allan Hazle
John Harman
Paul McLean
Allan Morrison
Stewart McAllister
Davie McEvoy
Rab Watson
Paul Doherty
Andy Lindsay
Blair Smith
Steven Nimbley
William Edmiston
Allan Hazle
General Member

Posts: 35
Joined: 20.02.15

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Is there a stream for supers 11 in Falkirk tomorrow

Could someone from the committee please get in touch with an Edinburgh rep as there seems to be a lot of unrest and I don't want it to escalate thanks

Would appreciate it if you could post 2014 Super 15 Stats 2nd division...cant seem to find them.

Pm for David Duncan

When is the draw for im1 being posted ?

Cheers FCBash

Can somebody tell me where i can find 2017 super 11s player stats? Cant find them in the Super 11s folder only team results....

Bash sent you a pm

All stats will be published upon completion of all S15 events.

Any player stats being posted from the 2nd decision?

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